Twitterific: Basic Rules to Twitter

March 22, 2009 at 6:04 am Leave a comment

I have subscribed to the PR Squared Blog and not only find this blog entertaining, but as a newbie to the social media and PR world, I find this blog’s advice particularly helpful to students like myself!

Twitter is slowly becoming a common and understood word, not only by PR practitioners, but also by many other professionals potentially in your industry. However, just as anything on the internet, we must be careful how we represent ourselves… because it’s out there for good! PR Squared outlines 2 basic rules to Twitter:

1) Team Before Tweet

A previous PR Squared post describes this concept: but basically this rule distinguishes how much tweeting is too much- and especially while on the clock. You have to find a “Work/Life/Tweet” Balance. Although Twitter is being used in the workplace, especially by PR practitioners, it is important to keep your priorities in line: Work before Twitter.

2) Remember That You’re Being Watched

The internet is an awesome thing… what in the world would we do without it? Along with recognizing the internet’s endless capabilities we must also recognize- as my mom says, “the power of the written word.” I.E. it can come back to bite you if you’re not careful! A Tweet is up for scrutiny by anyone on the internet. So remember to represent yourself professionally and not to over-tweet. A very knowledgeable professor of mine once told me, “Don’t Tweet before coffee or after beer!”


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