Bad PR Example: Don’t Text a Pitch

April 20, 2009 at 4:47 pm Leave a comment

Even though our world, especially the PR industry, is relying more and more on technology and is turning to social media- text messaging is still not an acceptable way to pitch a story to a journalist. Bottom Line: They won’t pitch your story and will probably delete your number! This informal way of communication should be used for making Friday night plans with friends, not to pitch your “great story idea” to a professional in the business.

The Bad Pitch Blog wrote a blog post about a PR practitioner (unnamed) who sent a text message to a well-respected free lance journalist for a major news organization. Needless to say, this text did not convince the journalist to take on this story but did give he and his co-workers a good laugh.

This is my bad PR example because it hurt this PR person’s credibility and professionalism. The likelihood of the journalist ever taking on one of her stories is slim to none. Also, the PR and Journalism world is built off of a network of connections- so therefore she also discredited herself with other journalist he might come in contact with. Along with hurting her personal credibility and professionalism, she also misrepresented the companies she works with.

Perhaps one day text messaging will be an acceptable means of communication- but for now, don’t do it!


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