Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

April 22, 2009 at 10:28 am Leave a comment

My Mom sent me the link to a very powerful YouTube video a few weeks ago which has stuck with me ever since I watched it. Other than frequently reflecting on the video to myself, I was reminded of the video as I was waiting in the Washington-Reagan Airport this past weekend. I heard the unique rendition of “Stand By Me” playing in the background and my attention quickly turned to the TV tuned to CBS news in the airport terminal.

Mark Johnson, co-director of the documentary “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music” brought together musicians from all around the world to show the simple, yet transformable power of music. 10 years ago, Mark Johnson set out to travel the world in order to record as many different artists as he could find, 100 to be exact, ranging from a Blues singer in New Orleans to Chamber Groups in Moscow. These different groups performed and put their own touch on songs many of us may recognize, such as “Stand By Me” or “One Love.” The film brings people together through music: to a place where they are all connected- where religion and politics are no longer a dividing factor.

Ever since the video of Mark Johnson’s interview has been on YouTube, “Playing for Change” has taken off. Several major news stations have covered this story, and I recently heard talk that he is going to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Not only did I want to write a blog post in order to share this amazing movement and documentary, but also to point out the power of a video on the internet. This has been great PR for the “Playing for Change” documentary by being able to spark peoples interests and igniting their emotions through a 10 minute clip. I would not define this as a viral video quite yet, but I can definitely see the potential and powerful impact “Playing for Change: Peace Through Music” could bring our world.


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