iPhone Commercial: Students

So, who needs the iPhone? Who can benefit from it’s capabilities? Well with the iPhone’s endless Applications, it seems the iPhone is now ultimately perfect for anyone. In my opinion, Apple has done a wonderful job of advertising the iPhone and reaching all of their multiple targeted audience.

I saw the latest Apple iPhone commercial last night, and thought it was very effective in reaching it’s desired target audience: college students! The iPhone commercial shows 3 app’s that might be helpful for students: if you are looking for an apartment closer to campus, looking for the cheapest price on a biology textbook, or need to edit a photo so it is “parent acceptable.”

I would love to have an iPhone, but have always made myself believe that I REALLY didn’t need one… I mean what else could it do for me that my old-school flip phone doesn’t.? However, after seeing this commercial- I am convinced I would benefit greatly from having an iPhone. I thought this was a neat way to reach college students like myself. Check it out!


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Building A Personal Brand

After reading David Meerman Scott’s blog, I realized the importance of building a personal brand.  He suggests we read the book “Me 2.0” by Dan Schawbel.  I found his blog post to be especially helpful because it is directed towards myself and fellow classmates, and any student or person in their 20’s… Also, there is a free ebook called “Blogging Your Brand” also written by Dan Schawbel, which is recommended to anyone interested in online personal branding. Also, check out my comment on David’s blog.

College years and 20’s are an exciting and adventurous time… it is prime time to start creating our “personal brand”- or if you have already passed through your 20’s, better to start now than never!

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Want Link Love for your Blog?

We had a presentation in my PR class yesterday through Skype- from a girl who graduated from UGA, and is very knowledable about SEO (search engine optimization). She was an inspiration- just graduated from college and was so knowledgeable and “with it!”

I was intrigued by the material and information regarding SEO, but yet it seemed very foreign! I left class trying to digest and connect all of the dots. Although I am still trying to make sense of SEO and all of the new terms and concepts, I came across this blog post from CAREEREALISM. This post helped me better understand enhancing your blog’s credibility through obtaining “link love.” CAREERREALISM also created a neat way to cultivate and get some link love for your blog. Check it out!

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Twitterific: Basic Rules to Twitter

I have subscribed to the PR Squared Blog and not only find this blog entertaining, but as a newbie to the social media and PR world, I find this blog’s advice particularly helpful to students like myself!

Twitter is slowly becoming a common and understood word, not only by PR practitioners, but also by many other professionals potentially in your industry. However, just as anything on the internet, we must be careful how we represent ourselves… because it’s out there for good! PR Squared outlines 2 basic rules to Twitter:

1) Team Before Tweet

A previous PR Squared post describes this concept: but basically this rule distinguishes how much tweeting is too much- and especially while on the clock. You have to find a “Work/Life/Tweet” Balance. Although Twitter is being used in the workplace, especially by PR practitioners, it is important to keep your priorities in line: Work before Twitter.

2) Remember That You’re Being Watched

The internet is an awesome thing… what in the world would we do without it? Along with recognizing the internet’s endless capabilities we must also recognize- as my mom says, “the power of the written word.” I.E. it can come back to bite you if you’re not careful! A Tweet is up for scrutiny by anyone on the internet. So remember to represent yourself professionally and not to over-tweet. A very knowledgeable professor of mine once told me, “Don’t Tweet before coffee or after beer!”

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Social Media used to spread the word about… Social Media

An Advanced Writing English Class is hosting a Networking Bash, a panel discussion event designed to educate Clemson students about the power of Social Media.

I found their use of promoting this event interesting, because they used Facebook… one of the most widely used social media sites used by college students! An “event invitation” as well as a personal message was sent to a list of Clemson students. (I am unaware of how they compiled this list!)

It seems the buzz about the importance and power of social media is spreading on Clemson’s Campus.

Here is the link to the Facebook Invitation and the message that was sent in order to promote this seminar!

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Good PR Example: Skittles taps into Social Media World

I have been reading Dave Fleet’s Blog, and today, he had an interesting post regarding the talk about the new Skittle’s website. The new website is largely drawn from other social media sites, and David’s post brings bloggers reactions regarding the new website to light.

Many are judging Skittles for creating such a website, but Dave claims, “All of the people ripping into this website are doing so with no clue what Skittles was trying to achieve.” So what is their objective?

Although I am not aware of Skittles exact objective for creating their new website, they are definitely getting attention and creating a buzz for their brand… Over 500,000 have become Facebook fans, and “Skittles” now links to Wikipedia, Flickr, and Youtube. Seems like success to me. What do you think?

Check out his post on this issue and Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube “skittles” to learn more about this campaign!

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Career Advice now on Twitter!

I have been following the CAREEREALISM blog, and have found it to be VERY beneficial and insightful- as they offer career advice that is “refreshingly, real advice”… and the best part, it pertains to college students! Given the state of the economy, we “newbies” who are about to enter the working world could all benefit from some advice that might make this transition easier… or even possible!

CAREEREALISM wants to put an end to the hours of wasted time people spend researching career related advice (which ends in frustration, due to search results that are not related to your question at all).

Realizing the power of Twitter, they have decided to solve this problem, by creating the Twitter Advice Project- check out T.A.P. into CAREEREALISM for a full description of the project. Job seekers and career experts follow CAREEREALISM on Twitter. This project allows users to send career related questions via email, they post your question on Twitter, and wa-laa… you start to receive posts from career experts with direct advice that makes sense to you. They’re goal is to provide “refreshingly, real advice”- which they do well!

So, check out the CAREERALSM blog, follow them on Twitter… and begin to post questions to receive applicable, real advice!

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